UVPoxy 1 Litre

UVPoxy 1 Litre

Kit Includes

500 mL Resin (Part A) & 500 mL Hardener (Part B)

Product Features:

  • Crystal clear high gloss finish (useful for table tops, or other projects where high level of transparency is needed)
  • UV resistant and suitable for outdoor use
  • Will not crack, fade, or turn yellow over time
  • User friendly - 1:1 ratio mix makes it easy to work  with
  • Low odor 

Product description: Coat and protect surfaces w/ a crystal clear, high gloss UVPoxy finish. UVPoxy produces crystal clear finish that is designed to resist sunlight damage and yellowing, and cracking, while also being durable against high traffic areas (clubs, restaurants, commonly used spaces). 

You can utilize UVPoxy to create projects w/ various elements such as wood, metal, concrete, plastic, photos, rocks, etc. Because it is transparent you'll be able to see what you encapsulate inside. 

Stormo Hardwoods is a distributor for EcoPoxy. If you'd like to see examples of EcoPoxy in use, please visit their online portfolio at https://www.ecopoxy.com/product-showcase/

You can also find instructions on how to use it at their FAQ page https://www.ecopoxy.com/faqs/ or watch videos of it in use at https://www.ecopoxy.com/video/