About Us


In the 1930's the Stormo family got involved in the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest. Decades later, Kevin Stormo, the owner of Stormo Hardwoods, found his way back into the wood industry later in his life, falling into the same craftsmanship as his family members before him.  

Today, Stormo Hardwoods specializes in ethically sourcing, cutting, and kiln drying live edge slabs, as well as creating live edge furniture. 

We offer wholesale slab orders, individual slab sales, sanded and shaped products ready for you to finish them, and fully finished custom projects. The entire experience is custom and up to you. 

Please note that because of our love of the Pacific Northwest's beauty, we only cut slabs from salvaged or reclaimed wood for our projects. Rather than cut down our forests, we pick our wood from urban sources.