The Custom Furniture Experience

Stormo Hardwoods can make you a live edge piece of furniture customized for your home, or get you the slabs for you to make your own. 

Here's how it works: 

We have a showroom in Everett at Martin Lumber, along with a slab display. In the showroom we have a small collection of finished pieces for sale, including end tables, dining room tables, coffee tables, bartops, mantels, and miscellaneous items such as wood carvings and plant boxes. Here you can get inspiration for your own custom project, whether you have us make it or you make it yourself. 

At our Everett location we also have a slab room, with over a hundred kiln dried, live edge slabs. You can pick out the slab you want us to make your project out of, based off the types of finished wood in our showroom that you were drawn to. 

All of our furniture has been made out of kiln dried slabs, and the slabs in our slab room are also kiln dried. This prevents the wood from cracking and bowing in the future. 

For a custom project, you'll have the cost of wood per bf (which varies by species) and an additional $60 per square foot of finishing work (including sanding, conversion varnish finish, etc). Epoxy is an additional charge and varies depending on each slab. If you want legs or brackets, those are an additional cost as well. There's a minimum price for all custom pieces, and custom projects are nonrefundable, as we will have made them to your specific dimensions.
If you'd like to save money, we can always arrange to cut wood to your dimensions and talk you through how to finish it yourself! The catch: You have to send us pictures of your beautiful project when you're finished! 
If you have any questions about pricing, please send the dimensions of your desired project, including length, width, and thickness, and the species of wood you want, to Kevin. 

How to Start:
You can head out to the showroom, or give the owner Kevin Stormo a call for inquiries. Have in mind the dimensions and species you're looking for. 

What if I don't find a slab at the slab room?
If you aren't absolutely in love with one of the slabs at the Everett location, please don't settle! We want you to get your dream table (or mantel, or coffee table, etc.). We can set you up with an appointment at the mill location in Arlington, where we have hundreds more kiln dried slabs. The artisan, Kevin, will work with you one on one to find exactly what you're looking for. 

Martin Lumber Hours (Showroom and Slab Display): 
Mon - Friday 10-5pm
Sat 10-4pm
Sun Closed

Arlington Mill Location Hours (Mill, Additional Kiln Dried Slabs): 
By appointment only. Please call to schedule.