Live Edge Slabs

At Stormo Hardwoods, we do our best to supply you with a wide variety of materials and services. We understand the pride some of our clients take in their own craftsmanship, as well as those who have a budget for their project. For these reasons, we offer raw, live edge slabs for our clients to do with as they please. 

Our slabs are ethically sourced, coming from salvaged logs. We do not cut down trees. 

Also, we kiln dry all of our slabs. This helps to prevent warping in the wood. Regardless of where you purchase your slab, please make sure that it's been kiln dried so that your wood doesn't warp or crack after you've finished it!

You can find live edge slabs at our slab display at Martin Lumber in Everett Monday through Saturday, or at our mill location in Arlington (by appointment only).