Live Edge Maple Dining Room Table w/ Steel Tube Legs - Shipping Not Included

Live Edge Maple Dining Room Table w/ Steel Tube Legs - Shipping Not Included

Regular price $ 2,900.00

This ethically salvaged, locally made live edge table is for sale at our showroom at Martin Lumber in Everett! We merged two slabs together, and incorporated black epoxy into the cracks to make the woods "flaws" become the finished products strength. 

Pairing the rustic tabletop with the modern steel legs, this table won't go out of style with a passing trend since it's adapting both old and new design elements. This multidimensional table will compliment modern accents to your home, as well as bringing out rustic charm of other decor pieces. It will be the centerpiece of any room regardless of whether it goes perfectly in your kitchen, or whether it's at home in your dining room. For custom table options, read below. 

Length: 86"
Width: 30" - 36" (depending on where live edge lies)
Slab Thickness: 2"
Height: 30"
Finish: Conversion Varnish (satin finish)
Legs: Steel Tube, Trapezoid Style

Please feel free to come see it in person. Pictures just don't do it justice. 


If you are local, feel free to pick it up. We do offer delivery services for a fee. 

We can also create a custom table out of a slab of your choosing. If you'd like to go the custom route, please click here. 

Benefits of purchasing a table from a local artist: 
-We use authentic, solid wood. This means that in a decade if you want to refinish the table, you would absolutely be able to unlike with cheaper quality, unsustainable furniture. 
-Your table will have the durability to be passed onto the next generation 
-Our reputation matters to us. We are not a faceless massive corporation; we care about you, the customer, and want to ensure that the item you receive is the highest quality possible. 
-You are supporting a local artisan, and small business owner
-We can assure you that the wood we are working with comes from sources we have formed a relationship with, and trust. This means that the wood materials have been properly treated and dried so there won't be problems down the line. 

We look forward to doing business with you, and making furniture that's perfect for the atmosphere of your home.